August 16, 2013

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Stay Away from USPS Mailing Lists

stay-away-usps-mailing-listsThe special thing about people is the fact that... they are special.  There are no two people exactly alike walking on this earth nor have there ever been or ever will be!  Each and every single person is 100% unique from one another – in fact, more research has proven that identical twins do not share the same DNA.  Pretty trippy, huh? Think of how mundane our lives would be if everyone looked, acted, spoke, etc. exactly the same. Sounds like something out of a creepy science fiction movie. NO thanks!

As a small business performing direct mailing campaigns, it’s important for you to remember that no two people are exactly alike.  This means that a USPS bulk mailing list may not be the best answer for your direct mailing campaign.  Here are three reasons why you may want to reconsider your options before moving forward with a USPS mailing list:

A USPS Mailing List Won’t Help You Identify Your Target Audience

If you have a small business that is marketing to consumers, your product or service probably caters to a certain type of household or individual.  For example, if you own a luxury furniture store, you probably want to reach homeowners in your area that have a decent amount of income and high home value.  Well, if you use a USPS bulk mailing list to send out an advertisement about your new selection of gold encrusted dining room furniture and fixtures, we wish you tons of luck! That USPS list will include apartment renters and homeowners with no guaranteed levels of income – along with a few vacant homes sprinkled in, just because.

*Like a really bad date, a USPS mailing list has the potential to offer small businesses nothing but a plethora of regret and confusion after the campaign is over. 

Sometimes Too Much of a Bad Thing is a Bad Thing

EDDM = Every Door Direct Mail.  Though this direct mail method sponsored by the USPS may sound more tantalizing than bacon on a stick (or bacon flavored tofu, for all the sad vegetarians out there), it could actually serve as more of a nightmare in disguise that will cost you time, frustration, with a side of profit loss. Not worth it!

USPS direct mailing lists are otherwise known as “saturation” lists.  According to the dictionary, to ‘saturate’ means “to become thoroughly soaked with liquid so that no more can be absorbed”.   Not so appealing, right?  Like a saturated piece of bacon flavored tofu (ewww!) – a mail piece addressed to ‘CURRENT RESIDENT’ will probably land itself in the nearest garbage bin vs. taking up any valuable counter space.

*If you expect people to read the mail you are sending them, you mind as well have the courtesy to address them by their first and last name!

Using a USPS Bulk Mailing List is Not-So Efficient

Whether you consider yourself an eco-friendly small business or one that doesn’t really give a hoot, a USPS bulk mailing list may cost you more time and energy than anything else. Not to mention all those trash cans filling up with postcards and letter ads addressed to “CURRENT RESIDENT”.  Don’t waste your resources on printing and mailing out materials to a saturated group of addresses, hoping a random “someone” will see and read your piece mail.

The Solution

If you have a small business that needs more customers walking through your door,  the efficient solution can be found in a targeted, accurate, and up-to-date mailing list versus a USPS bulk mailing list.  You may need to spend a little extra cash on a targeted list, but chances are better you’ll get the response you are looking for, less wasted resources, along with gaining a better  understanding about who your ideal customers are.  This can only help your business grow and help you recognize and value the different characteristics and desires of your audience.  Get to know who they are today by calling 800-383-1381 or simply visit


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