April 12, 2013

A Relevant, Business Telemarketing List Not Only Identifies Your Target, But Helps Anticipate Outcomes

To make any telemarketing campaign successful, it is crucial to have a plan and strategy ready to go before you begin.  Many times, cold calling can be mistaken as a chore that needs to be done quickly.  An almost-frantic attempt to contact a large number of people to get to that all-important “yes” can create unnecessary pressure on both the caller and the recipient.

What’s needed is a measured and calculated approach, beginning with these considerations:

Identifying your target market.

Start by reviewing those clients you’ve already succeeded in selling to in the past. Look at what they all might have in common. Are they in a particular income category? Any geographic similarities? And what about their areas of interest?

Making a mental picture of your ideal client will help you approach them in a more conversational and professional manner.

Selling to a business? Above all, get the decision maker’s title, then mine all the data you can, including the average size of the company and maybe some of the issues affecting their industry today.

Profiling prospects in this way will help you understand what they might be looking for in regards to the products and services you offer them.

What’s the outcome you’re expecting from the call?

Sure, it’s easy to say you’re looking for a sale, but it might start with just setting an appointment to get things going---make sure you’re talking to the decision maker! Some sales come about slowly, and meeting with the right person can help you in laying down a solid path to repeat sales.

Understanding that it may take several calls or appointments before you actually make a sale brands you as a professional representative who respects the sales process.

More importantly, the business telemarketing list used should not only be updated, but targeted with relevant data to identify your prospect base in a wide-range of areas.

Contact us to learn more about our team of list professionals who can help you achieve a better ROI on your next telemarketing campaign.

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