October 6, 2017

Dead Data Doesn't Deliver!

Using targeted mailing lists is a key factor in conducting profitable direct mail campaigns. Targeting potential customers will increase the possibility of generating new leads, which in turn provides an opportunity to secure new sales and generate profit.  In order for targeted mailing lists to work effectively, you must consider another key factor- using updated direct mailing lists for your direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Marketing Lists Must Be Current and Cleansed

One of the biggest mistakes companies make while conducting direct mail campaigns is using mailing lists that are out-of-date. We live in a time when jobs change often as people move.  This could mean if you purchased a mailing list four months ago and plan to mail on that same list again, 10% of that data could now be inaccurate (assuming that it was even current when you bought it). Just think about all the wasted time and effort that went into those mailers. Painful, isn’t it? Not only is time and effort wasted, but all the costs associated with design, printing, postcard, postage... we could go on and on but you get the picture.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to avoid this pitfall and to save your company money:

  • Choose a company that prides itself on the currency of its direct mail marketing mailing lists.
  • Use marketing list subscription services that present you with a fresh and current list each time you log in and download.
  • Never – and we repeat, never – use a list that is more than 3 months old.

Along with the difficulties presented by outdated lists are the myriad problems presented by incorrect address information. Bad addresses can add up and become very costly mistakes! A simple flaw in an abbreviation can make it difficult for delivery services to read and decipher. Or a tiny error can prove to be fatal when your “7” looks like a “2” in the address line. This can make the difference between successful mailing campaigns vs. your mailers disappearing into that black hole we all like to call “undeliverable mail.”

By happy chance, this is also easily avoidable! One way is to pay for an address cleansing service. However, it is often just easier to avoid problems right from the get-go, so take the extra time initially and be sure purchase direct mail marketing lists only from companies that are sticklers for quality.

Why It’s Important to Use Updated Direct Mail Marketing Lists

There are many marketing lists for sale out there and, as with anything else, it’s a good idea to research the credibility of vendors you may choose to purchase from. You wouldn’t just buy a car from a stranger on the street without first asking to see the service report, would you? Put in that extra effort and look for feedback that describes return rates on marketing lists similar to your own to determine the investment will be “worth it” on your end!

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