November 5, 2012

Don't Lose Money On Dirty Direct Mail Lists!

When you're spending marketing money on direct mailing lists, You need to know that every cent you're spending is going towards the cleanest list possible. When you've got a dirty list, tons of money is wasted on old addresses, returned mail and other inaccurate info.

The postal service requires that you update your mailing lists through the NCOA every ninety five days, but ListGIANT can help you standardize and de-dupe your mailing lists before they even go in, quickly and easily streamlining the process. That means less time on your clock and more time focusing on getting your message out there.

If your mailing system hasn't been up to date or improperly, List Giant can easily retrieve all the moving data that you need to make it work again. With MaxCOA, mailing address changes that have been updated through the USPS will automatically update, and you'll even receive their previous two mailing addresses.

The Do Not Mail list requires you to screen out everybody that doesn't want promotional mail, and ListGIANT will automatically filter them out of your mailing lists.

List Giant's Delivery Sequence file allows all of your current mailing addresses to be checked against the the files that the USPS  holds.

Locatable Address Conversion System makes sure that your rural and city addresses are formatted properly.

Coding Accuracy Support System will check the seven digit zip code of your addresses.

Delivery Point Verification will actually ensure the contact name, occupancy and mailing address of your contact.

Deceased Processing will filter out the names of the deceased and prevent you from sending unwanted mail to their family or residence.

Our Merging, Purging, De-Duping and Nixie screening will prevent illegible, incorrect and abbreviated or misspelled addresses from getting tossed in the trash at your local mailing delivery service.

These, in combination, ensure that your list is actually right before you get to sending your mail out! That means more on-target mailing and more potential customers who are now aware of your service. It also means that you don't waste a ton of money on sending your mail to places that don't even exist.

Contact us as soon as you want squeaky clean mailing lists!

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