November 25, 2013

How to Generate More Sales from a Business Opportunity Seekers List

HowToGenerateMoreSalesFromABusinessOpportunitySeekersList_PictureAs you may already know, business opportunities can be a tough sell these days. In fact, the term ‘Biz Op’ isn’t often affiliated with a warm and fuzzy feeling – especially to those who have been burned by scam artists in the past.  So, what is it that you, a legitimate professional, can do to make your Biz Op campaign go as smoothly as possible?  And, when it comes to generating the interest of prospects on your opportunity seekers list, what guidelines should you follow?

Here are a few tips that may help you along the way:

1.) Waive the Start-up Fee

Whenever a ‘start-up fee’ is associated with a Biz Op, this generally brings up a giant red flag.  Too many scam artists have taken advantage of unsuspecting individuals in the past by collecting start-up fees and closing up their “chop” biz op shop days later.  Save yourself the unnecessary sales hurdle of a start-up fee and let your prospects try out your program for free before they commit.  If it’s that good, you’ll achieve the success you are looking for...and they will too!

2.) Be Transparent

When you are speaking with someone about your free Biz Op program, fully explain what the free membership includes. Provide all the details pertaining to what fees they will have to pay in the future.  Use terms and jargon that is simple to understand and don’t hide fine print details until later.  Earn their trust by being honest about the pros and cons of the program and set up realistic expectations.

3.) Build a Relationship

Whether you are calling through an opportunity seekers list or sending messages to an opportunity seekers email list, do your best to build rapport with your prospects from the very beginning.  Take your time, be personable, friendly, patient, and positive.   If, after speaking to them, a prospect expresses interest in your program but “just not at this time”, politely ask if you can check in with them in the future to see if they would be open to talking more.  Let them tell you what they want. If you oversell your Biz Op program, they will probably assume it is too good to be true.

4.) Follow Through

You can’t successfully build a relationship if you don’t follow through.  So, if you say that you are going to send material, information; or if you promise to call or meet with them at a specific time on a certain day, make sure you follow through on your promise.  Any flakiness on your part will be looked at under a microscope, especially in the early stages. Prove that you are legitimate and don’t promise the moon and the stars - you might be nice, but no one is physically capable of being that nice. Set clear boundaries and realistic timelines from the get go and you won’t let your prospects or yourself down.

Whether you need an opportunity seekers email list to get your Biz Op email campaign off the ground or a regular feed of telemarketing leads, ListGIANT can help. Talk with us today about the opportunity seekers list or lists you need by calling 800-383-1381 now!

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