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Best Sales Trainer In The World

Best Sales Trainer In The World

George Leith is regarded by many as the best sales trainer in the world. One of the untold ingredients of successful sales, and one of the most emphasized points in George Leith's sales training, is self-motivation. How does self-motivation affect sales?

Sales and Motivation

Have you ever met a person who goes to listen to a motivational speaker? There's nothing worse than energizing incompetence! If you purchase sales training products from George Leith, and you're looking or motivation, you're probably going to be disappointed. George Leith assumes that you are already motivated about sales.

The truth is; the best salespeople in the world know that the motivation comes from within themselves. As a salesperson (and in every aspect of your life), you must have definiteness of purpose. This means you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. For example, why does George Leith continue to make great training courses and products for businesses and individuals across the country and around the world? He has already made millions of dollars, so it's not about the money! George Leith is the still the best sales trainer in the world because he loves to see the light turn on inside of people and knowing that they are better after attending his workshops and courses than they were before.

As the Best Sales Trainer in the World, What Does George Leith Teach?

The book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill enumerates the many excuses that people make for not being successful in life, such as, "If I only had a better education," "If I only came from a better place," or "If I only would have made better decisions earlier in life..." In the world of sales today, these kinds of excuses for under-achieving and underperforming sound like this:

"If I only had a better product"
"If I only had a better price point"
"If I only had a better territory"
"If I only had a better customer"

Along with a definitiveness of purpose, you also need a burning desire to do it. For example, George Leith loves to sell, as it is an art form for him. Do you have that same burning passion for the game? Self-motivation is an inside job, as is definitiveness of purpose and a burning desire, and without these, fulfillment is never there.

Learn from the Best Sales Trainer in the World

George Leith offers webinars, seminars, and courses, teaching people how to give money-making presentations using tools and techniques that most business professionals will never know. If you are looking to advance your career, boost your income level, persuade your clients and customers to do what you want, or motivate and inspire your co-workers, then George Leith's business presentation skills training is right or you!

You'll learn the top presentation mistakes and how to fix them or avoid them in the first place. You'll learn how to use all of the best practices in public speaking to deliver a convincing, persuasive message to your audience.