Consumer list

Consumer list

Consumer lists are invaluable for all businesses at every stage of growth. That is why enterprises spend years, even decades, building, developing, and improving their lists. Imagine the advantage that a consumer list can give to a new startup; rather than having to go out and acquire all of their first customers on their own, they have a high-quality list full of targeted leads - a virtual cheat sheet, so to speak. Likewise, think of what a highly targeted consumer list can do for a small to medium-size company that is struggling to expand their business perhaps due to geographical or demographical limitations.

What Kinds of Consumer Lists Does List Giant Provide?

List Giant is just as the name states - a list giant! We provide mailing lists, telemarketing lists, email lists, and data leads. All of our lists are highly customizable, allowing our clients to get emails that will actually benefit their businesses. As a List Giant client, you'll be able to customize list demographics and industries, choosing from the following lists:

Additionally, you'll have the option to narrow down your selection to include demographics, such as age, location, marriage, household size, household income, and many other highly targeted demographics. The more narrow you can make your list, the more likely that list is going to be prosperous for you. List Giant is not just a service provider; we are a partner that is dedicated to your success.

What's the Best Kind of Consumer List?

One of the most common types of consumer lists is the email list. With List Giant, we don't just randomly collect emails and shove them into a category. We take the time to rate emails on likeliness to respond. Plus, since we want our clients to be very successful with their email lists, we also have a vast wealth of additional resources and tools that are there to ensure your success, teaching you the best way to use your email list.

Sometimes, telemarketing can be better than email for the simple fact that, a lot of the time, people prefer talking to a real person. Any schmuck with an email address can send an email, and they are highly informal. A phone call allows you to quickly establish yourself and form a personal connection with your target customers, turning an informal contact into a formal one in minutes, if not seconds.

Mail lists can also be beneficial. There is a certain advantage of having a physical piece of mail that a lead can hold in their hands. And although a lot of people throw away their junk mail, many people will open it to see what's inside. These are the same people who never use computers and hang up on telemarketers. With these three levels of consumer lists - email, mail, and telemarketing - you can leave no stone unturned in your list marketing campaigns.

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