Email Leads

Email Leads

Email leads are critical for a sales force. Email is among the most successful marketing strategies. Email sales produce the most significant number of conversions.

Why should I use email leads?

Quality and legal leads provide a pool of interested potential clients for your sales efforts. When obtained appropriately from surveys and opt-in campaigns, your business gains a potential customer base.

Return on investment when using email is potentially dramatic. Email marketing, on average sees a 70-to-1 return according to the Direct Marketing Association. This is among the best returns for any form of marketing with an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.

Conversion rates are higher when using email. Four percent of consumers convert over email alone when compared to a near zero rate for direct sales methods. Combining methods, mainly when using email, produces the highest rate of conversion.

What email lists should I avoid?

Many lists do not contain interested parties. Listings may include thousands or even tens of thousands of emails from an entirely different topic. Seemingly interested parties may have no interest in your product.

You want to ensure quality, relevance, and volume in a list. Your target market must check their email regularly for relevant information while you provide enough quality emails. This persistence ensures success.

We curate our lists to ensure that you receive the best leads possible. We segment our records into a variety of fields ranging from health and nutrition to insurance, education, and the automotive industry. Our lists are opt-in, obtained through telemarketing, surveys, and other targeted means.

Quality is one of our primary concerns. While you provide well-designed HTML, our addresses are verified, cleaned, and tested using over 30 elements.

How can I succeed with email marketing?

Having a list of valid emails does not guarantee that your market will respond. They must be interested and motivated. Connecting with your market in a meaningful way is necessary. This means understanding exactly what people want and when they want it.

Customers see up to 5000 advertisements every day over email, television, print, and other mediums. This leads to a lack of interest in most content. It is essential to stand out and personalize your messages. Emails sell when properly written, and a combined interpersonal and content-based campaign vastly improves conversion rates.

ListGiant offers real-time data around over 400 critical demographic and psychographic traits. Our information gives your sales force enough information to take advantage of our quality lists. With our data enrichment and visualization services, you can create content that sells.

What can I do if I cannot find an appropriate email solution?

ListGiant handles all deployment solutions. We help clients nurture their campaigns to reach new customers or cultivate current prospects. Email is a cost-effective and efficient means to capture the attention of your customer base when appropriately used.

If you are interested in purchasing quality email leads or looking for help in using this information, ListGiant can help. Contact us today for more information.


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