Lead List

Lead List

Internet marketing is now at its most competitive level in history and it will only get harder. Having a lead list on-hand will be beneficial for your marketing campaign, especially if it contains advanced demographics data. Using all of the gathered marketing data, you will then need to execute an email marketing plan that will get people into your landing pages.


What can I get out of a lead list?

A lead list may contain emails, contact information, location, age, sex, and possibly other details. Assuming it’s from a good source, this should be enough information to launch an effective email marketing campaign. Of course, this is why such lists are not cheap.

Of course, what you get out of a list depends on the effort and research you put forth. Not only will you have to master copywriting and email design, but you must also understand social engineering to make someone buy a product. You should also design products that match your target audience as people really won’t both reading emails that won’t apply to them.


How should I obtain email address leads?

Aside from buying bulk email lists, you will have to work hard to build up a following of email readers. Having them voluntarily opt-in to read your email updates requires them to have some sort of interest in your products, blog posts or social media pages. This all comes down to putting out relevant and quality content.

It is recommended that you have dedicated landing pages from social media, like Youtube or Instagram, that lead users into submitting their email. This is a transaction showing that they are interested in learning about products. At the same time, don’t consider it an invitation to bombard their inbox with useless content.

If you are a regular blogger, it would be strategic to put in email subscription pages in various parts of the content. This can be in the middle, in the end, on the side or in the form of a pop-up notification.


Is cold emailing worth it?

From anyone’s point of view, cold emailing people that don’t know you may seem intrusive. While there is some truth to that, the manner in which you send emails makes the difference.

If you send out emails that are not seemingly personalized or relevant to their interest, you can bet that a user will send it to the junk folder. If you come in with a pitch at the right moment with something they need, that is where cold emails generate sales.

You need to do your market research about your email lists, making sure that your email fits the general direction of the demographic. This is why lists can get complex and include interests, location, marital status and even more.

Considering how cutthroat the email marketing game is getting, this is where you need to invest in compiled data to know where to take your marketing team. Even large corporations are hungry for data as narrowing down advertising is critical for generating more profit. If you are in need of thorough lead lists, get in touch with us.

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