December 23, 2013

Make More Money by Using a Lift Letter with Your Opportunity Seekers Mailing List

BoostYourdirectMailResponseWithALiftLetter_ImageGetting the most out of your opportunity seekers mailing list doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can get better results simply by adding a lift letter to your package.

What is a Lift Letter?

In case you did not already know, a lift letter is a letter written by a third party that you mail as an insert along with the rest of your package. As the name suggests, a lift letter is a proven device for boosting the quantity of responses and generating higher dollar responses. Lift letters are valuable for overcoming objections, strengthening credibility, and reinforcing your main message. When it comes to opportunity seekers, you have at least two options when selecting a lift letter:

1.) Use a customer testimonial. There is nothing that can build more credibility for your company than feedback from an actual customer. Whether they are talking about dealing the employees at your company or the services and/or products you sell, the more positive information for the recipient to read, the better.

2.) Feedback from a co worker or other company employee. This individual might be persuasive by talking about how much satisfaction they get out of helping their clients make more money. For this group, it can also be a great idea to let the recipients hear directly from someone who has achieved the kind of success they want to achieve on a grand scale.

As usual, there are several techniques to make your lift letter stand out and get read. Fold it over and write some tempting teaser on the outside like, “Don’t read this unless you want to double your income this year.” Use a different color paper stock than the rest of your package, and print the letter on smaller stock to give it a personal feel. The text should be very brief because all the general information can be conveyed with the main letter and response device.

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