Programmatic media buying is one of those new-age marketing strategies that have made a frenzy all over the Internet. Anyone who runs an online marketing business is acutely aware of this strategy, even if they do not know the technical terminology. So what is the jargon meaning of programmatic buying?

Defining programmatic media buying

This marketing function makes the buying and implementation of marketing strategies an automatic process. The marketer uses software to buy digital adverts with the exclusion of submitting proposals, tenders, human negotiations, and quotes. This form of purchase uses machines and algorithms to transact and acquire display spaces.

What is different about programmatic media buying?

The use of this purchasing strategy allows marketers to have specific targets for the message. These specifics include the age of the targeted group, their location, number in a count and time of the ad’s view.

Traditionally, one would have to insert tags for the right people to have a better chance of viewing the content. Programmatic ads allow humans to spend this time optimizing and improving the ads for a more satisfactory reaction. This formula gives the strategy an upper hand against older advertising methods, such as TV and print media.

Categories of programmatic buying

Private marketplace

This auctioning platform gives access to select advertisers. The invited attendees have more exceptional bidding options because of the controlled completion environment. Some publishers opt to open participation by opening an application platform for users.

Real-time bidding

This auction is entirely open to all publishers and advertisers. Despite the increased number of participants, real-time bidding is cost-effective; hence, it is a more affordable way of purchasing pricey digital spaces.

Programmatic direct

The publisher bypasses auctions because of the fixed cost quote. The product will then get to one or several advertisers.

What is the purpose of programmatic advertising?

  • The primary purpose of this advertising strategy is to eliminate the hit or miss setup of the traditional system.
  • Another benefit of this option is that marketers spend less money acquiring highly revered digital spaces.
  • This method of advertising saves time that would otherwise be full of unnecessary human communication.

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