October 29, 2012

Terminology to Know When Looking for Consumer Email Lists for Sale

When looking for the best consumer email lists for sale you'll be seeing a lot of different email verification methods and terminologies. These can be confusing and strange when you're first starting out in the consumer email list industry, but they are crucial to know and understand in order to make sure that your getting the best quality consumer email leads. It's ok, we've been there too and know how hard it can be to wade through the acronyms, abbreviations and other jargon.

So here's a list of the terminology to know when looking for the best consumer email lists for sale.


these are leads that signed up to be added to a list but only had to sign up once. This is a good lead, but try to get lists with double opted in leads as they are more engaged and will be more inclined to open and respond to your message.

Double Opt -In

This means that the lead signed up for the email list and then had to confirm that they intended to sign up to the email list by a secondary confirmation method. This is one of the best methods of ensuring that the leads are legitimate and that they're expecting to be contacted.


These are leads that no longer want to be on a specific list. All email campaigns have to give the recipients an option to opt-out, to conform to the CAN-SPAM laws. Although you don't want this number to be high, opt outs are a natural part of email marketing and can save you money in the long run. Most mass email sending services charge per email sent, getting rid of emails that don't want to be contacted will enable you to target only those who want to receive more info.

Bounce Rate

A bounce is an email that never reaches it's recipient. This can be due to a fake email or a spam filter kicking the email back. The bounce rate is the percentage of emails sent from a list that bounce. The lower the bounce rate the better.


This means that the people on the list signed up to the list because they were promised money or other goods in exchange for their email. Buying lists with incentivized leads is never a good idea, as the recipients were'nt interested in receiving communications about a specific niche but rather were just trying to get something.

Open Rate

An open is when someone, well, opens your email. So the open rate is the percentage of people who actually opened your email for a given campaign. Keeping tracknof this number will help you gauge how effective a campaign is and how good the leads are.


This means that opt-outs and emails that actually don't exist are periodically removed from a list, therein scrubbing it clean of emails that won't convert. This is critical in consumer email marketing campaigns, as the everyday shopper may opt-in one day and out the next, by scrubbing lists regularly, list providers can continually refine their lists down to only those who really want to be contacted.


This is a practice where a subscriber who signs up to receive content from website A, also signs up to be contacted by company B at the same time. This is something to be careful of. Co-registeration can be a good thing as long as the website or newsletter they originally signed up for works with your specific niche. For example, people who signed up for a newsletter about pet care products would be good for marketers promoting a pet spa, but not for advertising a car wash.

These are a few great terms to familiarize yourself with when trying to find the best consumer email lists for sale. Hang in there and you'll be a pro in no time!

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