June 27, 2017

U.S. Consumer Email Database

This multi-sourced database originates from hundreds of online partners and affiliates. Millions of emails are being added to the U.S. consumer email database every month. These emails come from online quotes, order forms, purchases, lead generation, and sweepstakes offer.


  • Age Range $5/M
  • Income Range $5/M
  • Gender/Sex $5/M
  • Marital Status $5/M
  • Homeowner $5/M
  • Presence of Credit Card  $5/M
  • Dwelling Type $5/M
  • Lifestyle $5/M
  • Hobbies $5/M
  • Donor $5/M
  • Pet Owner $5/M
  • Vehicle Type $5/M
  • Occupation $5/M
  • Ethnicity $5/M
  • Religion/Religious $5/M
  • Investments $5/M
  • Shopping Preferences $5/M
  • Phone Number $20/M

Source: Multi Sourced, Buyers, Single buyers, Multi-buyers, Gift buyers, Retail/POP, Catalog, Internet/On-Line, Direct response, Lifestyle questionnaire, Warranty card, Attendees, Membership, Sweeps Generated, Telemarketing, Direct mail sold

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