November 28, 2012

Your Direct Mail List Brokers Should Know About 'Social Profiles, Behaviors and Life Cycles.'

Leave it to one of the world’s renowned advertising agencies, Young & Rubicam, to know what feeds consumer buying.

They incorporate those basic, elementary needs that are part of every human’s makeup into their client strategies---it’s the essence of their approach to marketing:

Security, Control, Status, Individuality, Freedom, Survival and Escape.”

So too, when choosing the right direct mail list brokers, it should be more about accessing lists that target customer lifestyles. You want assurances that the data fits your customer’s profile, their attitudes and behaviors synced to your branding strategy.

According to a post, “The End of Demographics: How Marketers are going Deeper with Personal Data,” it’s not about lumping prospects into broad categories, ie, ‘baby boomers,’ or generational groups. To get deep-in-the-weeds with your buyer, you need to consider the following:

What’s their Social Profile?

It’s all about social media channels and mining that digital landscape to start building relationships with the customer; better yet, you need information that will get them engaged with your the point they’re telling others about you.

How are they behaving?

Relying on data aggregators---and a proven list broker like List GIANT---will help you identify the right “triggers” your customer will respond to.

Life cycle data

Where are your customers in terms of their family cycle: number of children and ages, for example. Even changes in shipping addresses are indicators of your “customer entering a new lifecycle.”

As you plan your direct mail or email campaign, contact us and we’ll show you how our 15-plus years of experience as list brokers can work for you. Let us assess your marketing strategy and who you are as a company.

More importantly, we want to know who your customer is so we can provide you with the right list for your specific needs.

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