January 8, 2014

3 Simple Steps to Successful B2B Email Marketing

Happy New Year from your friend’s at ListGIANT.com. If you haven’t started using email as a means of marketing or are still on your “winter marketing break”; it’s time for you to wake up and start smelling the response rates. Email marketing is notorious for helping businesses maintain a lasting connection with their audience by giving them an effective, affordable, easy way to send out relevant information and offers on a regular basis. In addition, it also helps businesses get a comprehensive, real-time look at who their audience is based on how they respond to each advertisement.

Before you begin B2B Email Marketing, you’ll want to follow these simple steps:

Establish the goal of each campaign

Is your goal to build brand awareness? Or do you want to generate leads? Whatever it is, your message needs to be clear, obvious, and relevant.  For instance, if you want to generate leads, then you probably want to drive your audience directly to a contact form on your website or to a unique landing page.  Make sure the “call to action” in your email advertisement is clear-as-day – this includes making it easy for your audience to see and click on website/landing page links.

If you want to build brand awareness, then you need to determine how you want to be seen by your audience.  What will make your brand’s message most memorable? What are the trends in your industry right now?  Be aware of what is working, and put your own unique spin on things to attract the right attention. Get with your marketing staff, brainstorm, and establish a firm grasp on your brand’s “image” before you begin.

Determine who your audience is

Contrary to what you may believe, not every executive or business owner out there will want to look at your B2B email.  So, before you begin any B2B email campaign, you’ll want to determine the best industry, demographics, behavioral info, and contact titles to go after.  When it comes to formulating who your ideal audience is, don’t be afraid to be discriminative. Perhaps businesses with under 10 employees won’t be interested in your product or service.  And, you probably won’t want to advertise to your competitors.  Take as much time as you can to flush all of these details out so that you can hit the “send” button with as much confidence as possible.

Obtain a targeted, updated B2B email list

Talk to ListGIANT.com about obtaining the best performing business email lists for your B2B campaign.  We will set you up with the demographics, geography, and other attributes you need to maximize the response rates of your email campaigns.  In addition, we’ll help you determine what strategies will help your business achieve higher open and click-thru rates, decreased unsubscribe rates and higher conversion rates.

Contact ListGIANT.com about B2B email marketing today at 800-383-1381!


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