June 10, 2012

7 Ways to Increase Revenue Now!

1. Start Marketing
We all realize that the current economy is in “Recovery” and things are getting better, so how do we increase our revenue now? Well, I will tell you “The time is right to start spending money to make money!”

In Real Estate the slogan is “Location, Location, Location,” and in Business it’s “Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!”  Mail that postcard, make those calls, send those emails and increase your top line now.

2. Stop Waiting and Take Action Now!
Is Obama going to pay your mortgage? I think not! There probably won’t be a stimulus package that makes sales for you and changes your fate. Get back to what made Americas best entrepreneurs succeed, the ‘go get it now’ attitude. You had it once, so take a walk down memory lane and take action again.

3. Reignite Past Customers
Remember that one big order that paid for your boat or your vacation to Maui? Um, call them back and see if there is something you can do together. Remember, it is easier to sell someone from your past versus trying to meet a new customer. P.S. Re-Read #1 above.

4. Create Efficiencies
Make more calls, sell more deals and send more quotes; but how?
One way is to stop confusing all your activity with accomplishment. Use auto dialing software, lead management systems, buy your lists @ List Giant.com (Shameless Plug) in the evenings.

5. Stop Watching Micro Trends
The world is changing faster than any of us can keep up. If we wait too long to get involved we will be yesterdays news. Anybody remember what happened to the “Deer in the Headlights?”

6. No More Silly Excuses
If you want an excuse to go out of business or a reason to fail then copy and paste the next one-liner and frame it. “This is the worst economy since the Great Depression!” Feel better? I don’t. Stop reminding yourself why it’s ok to fail just because Circuit City and Lehman Brothers did.

7. Create New Value
The best way to make more money is to be a little bit better, or have a better offer. Add a new feature to your product, give away shipping, make it easier to buy. Southwest Airlines is not charging for luggage and most other major airlines are. Who will you fly with if given the choice?

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