March 25, 2016

Are YOU using the right Auto Data?

Data today is bigger and more pervasive than ever before, and the automotive industry can no longer rely on internal data alone. Information that is sitting in CRM systems, billing and shipping databases, or customer service centers is a great starting point, but in order to increase their competitive advantage, automotive companies must apply third-party sources of highly specialized automotive intelligence.

Digital Footprints.

Consumers today leave clues and data across the Internet – insights into who they are, what they like, and what they are about to purchase. And like most industries today, the automotive industry is gathering and using as much of this data as they can possibly collect.
Consumers produce mountains of data every day. Digging though the piles of available information to find the data that truly can make a difference often leads to a state of “analysis paralysis.” Automotive companies are increasingly turning to data solution providers who have already sifted through thousands of data sources, aggregating the most comprehensive automotive intelligence and marketing data that will have a direct impact on the bottom line.

How can you use this data to do effective Marketing?

      Email Campaigns

  • The key to successful email marketing lies in using analytics and data to segment marketing lists. Email segmentation lets you cut through the clutter by providing offers and communications based on segmented audiences or groups of consumers.

       Direct Mail

  • With the rising emphasis on digital channels, old-fashioned direct mail is often overlooked. However, the advent of Big Data has given new life to direct mail marketing, giving dealerships and auto brands new ways to pinpoint consumers with tailored offers.

       Digital Advertising

  • The auto industry was the second-largest digital ad spender in the US in 2015, after retail. The use of data has become more sophisticated in the use of digital advertising, allowing for finely tuned audience targeting. Auto brands can choose to target consumers by a range of criteria and across platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and more. With consumers taking to the internet as the first step in their car research process, you need to be sure you can be found. Be sure you have a robust website, a good SEO strategy and consider using search advertising.

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