July 31, 2013

Automotive Marketing 101: Use Automotive Lists to Reach Potential Customers!

There are many ways to market your automotive services or current inventory of vehicles without using automotive mailing lists. The question is: how is that working for you? Are you really getting the most qualified customers through your door? If not, maybe you are stuck in a marketing rut and need to consider retiring “Great Grandpa’s Model T” advertising program.

Let’s use the example of coupon http://findviagra.com booklets that are delivered via direct mail. There is nothing wrong with marketing your service or product this way, as long as this is not the only way you are marketing! Advertising your services through coupon booklets versus using targeted automotive lists is an indirect form of direct marketing (talk about an oxymoron!).

Off the bat, you can assume that a coupon company is not going to use automotive mailing lists to send their booklets out. This fact alone means your intended audience will not be reached directly. Even if they were, they still would have to page through dozens of different ads ranging from pizza delivery offers, carpet cleaning offers and not to mention... ads of potential competitors.

Don’t be the Needle in an Endless Haystack

Perhaps you are posting your ad in a coupon booklet and are really hoping to reach owners of high-end vehicle makes. Do you think that even if these individuals receive the booklet, they will open up to your ad immediately and pick up the phone to schedule an appointment?

Consider the fact that the type of households with luxury vehicles may not all be interested in paging through coupon booklets. In fact, that coupon booklet may get instantly chucked into a luxury trash bin. Unfortunately, wishful thinking or “shot in the dark” mentality will only get you so far when it comes to your automotive marketing program.

Go After Your Target Audience

So, what can you do to gain more customers in an effective and efficient way? The best direct marketing solution starts with purchasing qualified automotive lists, plain and simple! Qualified automotive lists contain information based on not only what type of vehicles individuals own; but also provide detailed demographic attributes that can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of automotive marketing campaigns.

Having a hard time determining what type of automotive lists will work best for your direct marketing campaign? Contact ListGiant.com at 800-383-1381 and speak with an automotive list guru today!

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