November 4, 2013

B2B: 3 Things You Must do When Using Offline Marketing and Social Media

3ThingsYouMustDoWhenUsingOfflineMarketing&SM_PictureMaximizing ROI by integrating direct mail and social media marketing is a worthy goal of any marketing campaign. However, it can be complicated and frustrating to figure out how to actually make it happen.  You may be asking yourself, “which business mailing lists will work best for my B2B direct mail campaign?” Or, “which social media channels are the most effective these days?”

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Try New Things

Social media platforms can seem faddish at first. Busy marketing professionals may shy away from new forms of social media when they should be jumping in with both feet. Even if it doesn't immediately seem like it would be a good fit for your B2B marketing strategy, take a little bit of time to run a beta test. Go ahead and create an account and have a look around. It is essential to put your hands on many different kinds of social media to become an expert on the topic of effective marketing. Don’t be afraid to discuss challenges with colleagues and co-workers as well. The arena of new media can seem much more complicated than it is in reality, and help is usually within easy reach.

*Understanding many forms of social media is the only way to discover ways to integrate it with more traditional forms of advertising to reach your target audience and maximize a campaign’s effectiveness.

Stick With It

While it is essential to use offline marketing to bring customers online and vice versa, the best results will come to fruition if the customer is presented with a consistent brand experience. A solid combination of online and traditional advertising, such as using targeted business mailing lists and a solid SEO strategy, can certainly help you achieve that goal. A carefully laid out campaign that includes a variety of advertising mediums and solid cross promotion with reliable tools for measuring effectiveness is worth seeing through. Marketing professionals should encourage their clients or co-workers to stay true to the marketing plan, even if it feels like things aren’t “happening”.  Establishing your brand experience can take some time, but it is more than often worth the wait!

Be the Customer

One way to ensure your B2B customer has the experience you intend is to take a moment and examine the campaign from their point of view. Who are they? How do they want to be talked to? What problem do they want you to solve for them? What makes them want to share their experience with your brand? It is important to create a connection with your target audience. When they feel like you understand them, they will be more likely to invite you into their world and offer you the most valuable, time tested form of advertising; word of mouth.

For more valuable information about increasing ROI for direct mail marketing campaigns and to access targeted business mailing lists, please contact us.

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