July 30, 2013

Best Practices for Auto Dealers Using Automotive Lists

Understand Your Inventory

If you are under pressure to purchase automotive lists for an upcoming direct mail campaign, take an extra moment to carefully explore your inventory. This will help you make an educated decision regarding what type of automotive lists you need to use for that particular campaign and what promotions will work best.

Identify your Territory

If you own the only car dealership within 30 miles, you should already be familiar with your marketing territory. However, if your dealership is located in a heavily populated metropolitan area, you more than likely have your share of competition to deal with. It’s important to be aware of what is going on with your competition and understand the adjustments you may need to make to achieve successful marketing results for your dealership.

Prior to executing your marketing campaign, it is important to know what you are dealing with based on your territory.  For instance, it could be important to research certain statistics based on the make, model and year of vehicles people already own or lease in certain zip codes near your store. ListGiant.com can provide you with automotive mailing lists based on this information. This will help you identify your territory, both demographically and geographically.

Get Specific With Your Automotive Lists

If you are performing a direct mail campaign to advertise a sale on your entire fleet of SUV’s, then you will want to make sure you are reaching qualified prospects. For instance, you may only want to target mid to high income households with children over the age 7 present. You may also want to know that the households you are targeting are likely to be ‘SUV’ friendly. This could mean avoiding prospects that are environmentally concerned, which you would find in the ListGiant.com Green Car Owners file.

With automotive lists, the more you understand and define your audience, the more effective your marketing campaign will be!

Keep Track of Your Results

Lastly, with the variety of promotions you have going on during the year, it may get difficult to get a handle on each project and stay organized. All this depends on how your marketing department operates.  A good solution is to keep a record of which automotive lists have shown to be the most responsive per campaign. This will help you organize your marketing campaigns and also save you time in the future.

Take advantage of the files ListGiant.com has already put together for this purpose. Our automotive mailing lists are dedicated to several different segments, such as Luxury Car Owners, Motorcycle Owners, New Auto Connects, Truck Owners, and so on.

With ListGiant.com automotive lists, you have the freedom market to prospects based on specific lease/ownership information; make, model, year, and other detailed automotive information that could help increase the effectiveness of your automotive marketing campaign...See what ListGIANT.com can do for your automotive marketing campaign today!

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