August 17, 2018

Boost Your Email Rates with this One Tactic

Our Head of Email Marketing, Dalton Francis, lets us in on his most effective tactic for improving email click-through-rates.

Interviewer: We all want those opens and clicks. What is the most effective tactic for improving open and click-through-rates?

Dalton: The most effective tactic for improving click-through-rates is proper list segmentation--specifically referring to removal of inactive subscribers and targeting the right ones. In a world where engagement and reputation determine your deliverability, taking steps to increase engagement will ultimately provide you with more opportunities for click-throughs as more subscribers receive your email and ultimately engage.


Interviewer: So what exactly does list segmentation do?

Dalton: Segmentation allows you to reach the right user base and target them in a much more personalized way. For example, let's picture a mother that has a son who needs basketball shoes. Instead of emailing a general Nike shoe advertisement, we email the mother a photo featuring a mom dropping off her son at basketball practice with his shoes in her hands. This simple photo swap allows the mother, a consumer, the opportunity to better visualize yourself with a particular product or service.

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Interviewer: Have you always implemented list segmentation?

Dalton: Before we dove into list segmentation we were implementing the industry standard of targeting subscribers with mass email blasts. As a result, we were seeing significantly below average click-through rates and above average unsubscribes. These rates weren't cutting it. We want the highest open and click-through rates possible. Currently we capitalize on the data acquired from our subscribers to target them with their interests and use their data to create personalized messages that look closer to one-to-one conversation than mass "shot in the dark" promotional emails. We have seen up to a 1100% increase in open rates and up to 2000% click-through-rate improvement since implementing segmentation and personalization.

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Interviewer: Any lessons learned from your experiences using list segmentation?

Dalton: The lesson learned is that while your marketing database is an asset you should not look at it in terms of dollars. Every contact in your database is a human being with unique needs and preferences. The faster you can implement list segmentation, the faster you will see those click-through rates skyrocket.


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ListGIANT hopes that you enjoyed our interview on how to boost email open and click-through rates. With targeted, deliverable email lists and the right email marketing strategy, businesses can get their email marketing messages in front of their ideal audience. Buy a targeted email list based on your specific demographic, psychographic, and geographic requirements to get maximum results.

ListGIANT is currently offering 500 free sales leads to new customers with no risk and no obligated commitment on your end. ListGIANT’s data is conveniently stored on a List Portal that allows you to download your lists with demographic and psychographic filtering options. Please give us a call at (800) 547-8080 for List Portal help, or schedule a walk through.


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