March 29, 2013

Bring ‘Balance’ To Your Digital Media Strategies

Just when you thought direct mail may have been losing its impact with the advent of the digital age, it’s heartening to learn it is doing quite well, thank you.

Then again, the correct approach has always been one of balance, not favoring one medium or outlet over another, according to an article on, “Bringing Balance to Your Print and Digital Media.”

True, with all the social media channels, our use of mobile, and even interactive video, it’s no wonder that Digital receives large portions of the marketing budgets: Who wants to be ‘left out,’ or risk giving up market share to a competitor who seems to “be everywhere” you click?

Before one can really determine how to allocate the marketing budget, a basic understanding of the customer is needed; this, says Joellyn Sargent from Brand Sprout, is what it’s all about:

“Finding the right mix of print and digital is less about your business and more about your customers,” says Joellyn “Joey” Sargent, a principal in consulting firm BrandSprout. “Think about who they are, how they buy, where they go

The starting point is in the research as businesses push to understand the ever-changing buying habits and the psychographics of their customer---a process embraced by the professional team at ListGiant.

It’s fitting in this day-and-age of digital madness that recipients of all-things digital are becoming saturated with ill-timed, or irrelevant, messages. That’s even more reason why direct mail “remains a go-to tactic” for a lot of SMBs because the product stands out and away from the digital crowd.
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