December 3, 2012

Consumer Email Lists for Sale and the Angry-Bird-Like Response When Purchased From Just Any Broker

Boy were you wrong, when you thought all you had to do was launch your website and simply wait for customers to flock to the checkout page...after all, you determined ‘everyone’ is a prospective customer.

Sure, you did a lot of homework and relied on your circle of trusted advisers, but, let’s face it, you may have gotten the most important part completely wrong:  Identifying who your customer really is.

This oversight became really evident with the first email campaign you initiated. You searched for just any consumer email lists for sale, a ‘general’ list from a broker you knew little about, but who offered thousands of names and email addresses ‘guaranteed’ to reach a mass audience.

But when the replies to your transactional email campaign started coming in, you realized those customers you emailed led multi-faceted lives with many interests and tastes and who lived in flux as their families grew, etc.

In short, you can say that ill-timed and ill-directed emails using ill-gotten lists bring can bring you a flock of confused replies:


How did you think the over-50 market would respond to your offering baby clothing and accessories? Talk about a wasted email message, and a total trashing of your company brand---count on these recipients to increase the bounce rate on your website, and throw your emails into the abyss of Spam.


Forget it, there isn’t one. Get to know the layers of your customer, their behaviors and likes and even their moods---try engaging them on social media as a follow-up to your email campaign. Coupons? Birthdays?

Remember, it’s all about getting down deep with that email list, selecting all the right attributes and compiling a picture of that Perfect Customer that matches your product and service offerings.

It’s never a simple matter of buying just any list and hoping for the best.

Contact us let our team of lists specialists work with you in building that Perfect Customer list, and then let us provide you with one targeted exactly to that profile.

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