March 8, 2013

Cost Effective Market Strategies for New Businesses

If your marketing goal is to build a strong customer base and grow your business fast, then reaching out to potential customers is an important first step.   Although many start-up business owners find themselves trying to cut costs by becoming Jacks of all trades, it quickly becomes evident that trying to reach your market by casting a broad net of advertisements will not only eat up your time, but waste your precious capital.

business list broker can locate the perfect marketing list for your company.  With basic demographic information you provide about your business and its customers, list brokers do the research for you and send you a targeted list of potential customers.

When you’re embarking on a marketing campaign, keep these tips in mind.

  • Set a goal for your campaign, whether it’s building your brand, or reaching new customers, so you can measure your success.
  • Allow your customers to do the talking.  Including testimonials in your marketing materials is an effective way to connect with customers.
  • Give your customer a reason to act now.  Include promotional information that is time-sensitive, and encourages the recipient to make contact with you right away.
  • Be easy to reach.  Include your address, phone number, hours of operation, website, Facebook and Twitter contact information.
  • 40% of your success depends on your ability to target the right audience.
  • For every dollar you spend, expect to make money on that investment.

Targeted marketing campaigns are not only cost effective, but they’re a proven way to grow your customer base.  A business list broker knows what your business is up against and will do the work to locate the right list to give your company a competitive edge.  The process is simple and saves you ample time to do what you do best.

Contact us us at list GIANT to find the marketing list that will help you reach your full marketing potential and grow your business fast.


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