December 10, 2012

Demand Excellence and Target Demographics for Optimum ROI

Set aside all those legacy notions you might have about direct mail and how to use it.

You know, it starts with ‘getting a list,’ which in itself can be a make-or-break decision that could have disastrous effects on your overall marketing strategy.

Then, it’s simply a matter of a few paragraphs whipped together without regard to your target market and overall branding message.

After all, you’re a business owner who doesn't have a lot of time to develop the right content and graphics for the direct-mail campaign.

And so it goes, as your website traffic dwindles because the campaign you launched fail to have a specific ‘call to action,’ and many of the addresses you purchased were inactive and bounced back to you because you didn't utilize a proven, directmail list brokers.

“Direct Mail Marketing Tips” on the Microsoft/Business website shows how to boost your overall sales and marketing leads. Three of the five tips are summarized below:

1. Know your ‘RFM.’

To start with, it’s getting deep in data regarding “recent purchase...frequency and monetary profile.”

Know when those customers on your list last bought from you---or your competition---and just how frequently your goods are bought by those customers...and the prices they paid.

2. Don’t go cheap on the incentive. Make it worth your prospects time to reply to your offer. Free trial, coupon or even a sample is a nice incentive, and can be done without reeling out a lot of dough from your end.

3. Test. Test before you roll out your offer. Once you've tweaked the product and the offer go with it.

In one example, the direct-mail program also resulted in a strong referral business, accounting for 45% of the cited company’s first year’s sales.

The next time you’re thinking of implementing a direct mail campaign contact us; let us show you how our data base can provide you with the current---and relevant---information you need. Going with the right demographics will had immeasurable success while increasing your ROI.


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