July 14, 2017

Diabetics Buyer Persona That Will Make You Reconsider How You Reach Your Customers

We put together this buyer persona to give marketers like yourself a snapshot of diabetics that are more likely to purchase. We went a step further to give insight on what motivates them to buy and their primary concerns that keep them from purchasing. These consumers know the key to staying on top of their ailment is proper management of their blood sugars through diet, exercise, and in some cases, medication.

According to the CDC, 29 million people in the United States have diabetes. In 2012, 86 million adults were diagnosed with prediabetes.  By marketing your health-related offer to diabetics, you’re making a difference in the lives of those who are suffering from or threatened by this life-altering ailment. We want to help you reach diabetics in need of your product or service.

Diabetics Buyer Persona

marketing to diabetes consumers with a buyer persona

Reach Diabetic Consumers Today

If you want to reach these consumers right now, ListGIANT’s Diabetics database can connect you directly to them. With a wide range of targeting options, you can quickly and effectively reach your ideal audience.

Understanding and honing in on your target market is one of the best ways for established businesses to improve ROI and an even better way for startups to make the most of a limited budget.
ListGIANT has a large database of Diabetic consumers, over 4.2 Million, in fact. The individuals in our database purchase books, join associations, subscribe to magazines, and donate to causes that benefit the diabetic community. This fully HIPPA compliant database is multi-sourced and includes both verified responses and compiled information. Maximize the effectiveness your Diabetic-related campaign by reaching a custom-targeted audience. Choose from our vast supply of demographic and behavioral selects to enhance the responsiveness of your direct mail, telemarketing, and/or email campaigns.

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Demographic Segments

• Homeowner $5/M
• Presence of Children $5/M
• Gender $5/M
• Ethnicity $5/M
• Income Range $5/M
• Age Range $5/M
• Email Address $45/M
• Phone Number $20/M

Data Sources

Multi Sourced, Buyers, Catalog, Internet/On-Line, Direct response, Telemarketing

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