December 23, 2014

Fueling Your Prospect Engine

What is the most challenging issue when it comes to growing your sales for your business?

Industry leaders say that sales prospecting is the number one concern with increasing sales. The process of prospecting for the perfect leads for your business is exhausting. Some businesses owners aren’t even aware of how to properly prospect for their business. The primary goal in prospecting is to attract attention that converts in to interest. How do you start a prospecting engine to run sales in to your business? I’ve got you covered with some trusted, tried and true sale prospecting techniques so you are able to fuel full and keep that sales engine running!

Step 1: Picking your Fuel (How to identify your perfect audience at peak efficiency)

Your car is your business and now we need to pick what it needs to keep it running. The first step is prospecting, which is identifying your target audience. You can use research and pull information together on your industry market and your competition. After performing your research, you want to start creating a customer profile. This is not a vague statement, it’s actually an in-depth description of who your ideal client may be and includes psychographic and demographic information.

Psychographic information includes:

• Hobbies • Interests
• Values • Behavior
• Lifestyle • Trend favorites

Demographic information includes:
• Gender • Age
• Location • Income
• Ethnic Background • Marital Status

This type of information is essential for creating your ideal customer profile. Demographic information assists in defining who will potentially buy your services or products; but even more importantly narrow it further with psychographic information which will narrow why potential clients may purchase from you.

For example, if you owned a local clothing boutique you may want to target: women living within a ten mile radius that enjoy shopping and are in their 20’s to 30’s.

Now that I’ve narrowed who your target audience is, let’s figure out a way to get information about them to come to us. Let’s get that car fueled up!

Step 2: Fuel Up!

With all the duties that come with running a business, another annoying task to add to your plate is building a database of prospects on your own! There is a solution! - Purchasing a data list of prospects can give you the tools you need to reach hundreds to thousands in your ideal audience. These lists can come in a form or emails, telephone numbers, and mailing lists. It’s extremely important to buy your list of data from a reputable source that specializes in list services for B2B and B2C depending on your business needs.

Step 3: You’re the Driver, take the wheel

Now that you fueled up with the perfect list of prospects, you can take the wheel and drive those contacts your marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign will now be more successful because you are targeting your ideal audience for your business.

At ListGIANT, we want to make sure you reach your prospects without a hitch. By using our data portal and services for your business, you can achieve new levels of success! We also provide many other marketing services, including email marketing campaigns. Contact us to get started today!

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