January 14, 2013

Get Your B2B Marketing Off on the Right Start

With B2B email-marketing, it’s more than just list compiling and hoping for the best, once you slap down a few lines of copy about your product or service.

After all, you’ve always believed that the people you’re emailing to really need what you have to sell, and will readily open your email.

That’s a marketing recipe for disaster, one that is certain to damage your company name, not to mention raise havoc with your bottom line.

When thinking of utilizing a B2B email campaign, think outside of the traditional way businesses develop their well-intended campaigns.

You can bring another dimension to this very important aspect of your marketing by using a proven business list broker  like ListGIANT.

Split your messaging by using two websites.


Granted, the most commonly used approach in the email campaign is to direct traffic to a company’s website, where basic information is not lost in overly-designed pages of graphics and bells-and-whistles:

Its purpose is to present an immaculate and impressive corporate image reflecting power and respectability.


B2B email recipients are directed to this site (“Prospecting Site”) in order for a company to build its customer lists; the ‘offer’ at the website can be informational and educational for the visitor.

They can ask to be sent articles about their industry, for example; companies use this approach to create more awareness about their products and how their offerings might be suited to specific applications.

Another benefit to visitors: They can sign up for a company newsletter; and with the use of service called “sequential autoresponder,” those newsletters can take on a personal touch as well as timed intervals.

Most of these automated newsletter sequencers allow you to set codes onto the newsletters so that each bears the name of the individual receiver, that date when he receives it and so on... all to make it appear very current to the receiver.

Start your B2B email campaign the right way. Contact us to make sure you’re using only the most relevant data that defines your target customer.

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