January 1, 2013

Go For Clean Lists Only From a Reputable Broker Like ListGIANT

You've taken all the right steps to prepare your next email campaign, including spending a lot of time going over your contact list.  You even added new names and addresses from business cards picked up over the past year at trade shows and networking meetings.  Now, you quickly transfer your current product offerings into a couple of paragraphs with promotional pricing and your emails are set to go out.  But, not so fast. Instead of the common “‘spray and pray” in the great hope that your email recipients will “click and buy,” this might be a good time to re-think your strategy.  According to a post on Entrepreneur, ails just don’t make it to the gateway, ending up in spam filters or simply blocked---a follow-up studied revealed a one-in-five failure.

So, before you push the Send button, consider these highlights:

Think of your ‘reputation.

At one time, ‘content’ was the make-or-break key to getting through the filters, http://propeciafinasteridestore.com which would monitor subject lines for signs of blatant attempts to reach the unwary recipient.

Now, it’s all about that ubiquitous “domain name,” commonly known as the IP address: If complaints are rampant, your email is thwarted by the giants like Hotmail, Google and Yahoo Mail if the Spam Button tally hits a thousand or so clicks.

Key is a ‘Clean List”

Start with looking for reputable list brokers mailing lists. If not, your Internet Service Provider will not be happy, and your campaign could flop:

“ISPs punish senders with shoddy email lists. Avoid buying lists as they typically include spam traps, which are fake addresses used only to catch spam, and addresses of people who haven't given permission to receive marketing messages…” 

At ListGIANT, we always look forward to partnering with our clients to help them discover who their customer really is.

Our team of list and data professionals knows how important demographics are, as well as those subtle traits of behavior patterns pointing to likely prospects for the short and long-term sales cycles.

Contact us to learn more about our services, including data and telephony appending services.

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