March 15, 2013

Google’s Remarketing Program Begins With the Right List

Direct mail is no longer a one-dimensional marketing strategy, whereby the sender mails out a bulk postcard, for example, to thousands from a general mailing list with high expectations to receive a phenomenal return.

Not only is that a legacy notion of what direct mail is all about, it’s a sure way to decrease the ROI on your campaign. Think of all those expensive cards just sitting on the table with your fantastic promotion unread and not acted on.

Ideally, direct mail marketers start out with a relevant direct mail list provided by proven direct mail list brokers, like ListGIANT.

What’s needed is a list that will get your message in front of those customers that meet a specific profile, one that is fleshed out through collaborating with a team member at ListGIANT.

Then, when your postcard is mailed to your targeted audience, the recipient is more likely to call or visit your website, which increases your chances for closing more sales.

But what if the hundred or so people who do visit your website, move on without clicking through to your online store? Steve Olenski on reminds us that Google’s Remarketing program is synced to Google Adwords and gives businesses another shot at making the sale.

“Direct Mail Now Integrated with Google,” gives an overview of the workings on the program: A business adds a code to their own website; prospects leave the website before filling out a form or purchasing---the Code Knows this!

More importantly, Google ‘follows’ your prospect to other sites, placing your business ad with a reminder to finish their shopping: Businesses pay only when the prospect actually clicks through on the ad.

Looking for that targeted marketing list? Contact us and let our professional, direct mail list brokers, help you define your prospect to increase your sales and ROI.

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