November 12, 2014

Holiday E-Mail Subject Lines

holiday email marketing subject lines - 1 Industry leaders say that over the course of a year, more than 25% of all email is sent during the holiday season. Having your email stand out from the sea of messages in the inboxes of your consumers can be difficult. The key to standing out and staying one step ahead of your competitors is to establish the context of your content clearly, and from the beginning.

Where do you start?

The subject line of your email is like the outer portion of an envelope. The window is the message, and it gives a glimpse of who it is from. So it’s important to display in your subject lines the motivation your subscribers need to open your emails. Consumers are actively looking to purchase gifts, and they want to save as much as possible while doing so. Being straight to the point in your subject line about what exactly you’re offering in your email is a great way to grab attention. For example, “Christmas Blow-Out Sale,” isn’t as effective as “50% off Entire Site.”

To help your email stand out, here are a few marketing tips we have up our sleeve:

  • Subject Line – Just Do It.

holiday email marketing subject lines - 2Being direct with your audience can pay off. It tells them to act now, with no fluff added to the subject line. It’s a more just do it, call to action. Try not to be pushy or over-promote, but don’t be afraid to be straight forward. The following are examples on how to be straight forward without being rude:

Don’t Miss This Sale, Ends at Midnight

  •  Subject Line – Can I help you?

holiday email marketing subject lines - 3 A command isn’t the only way to get noticed in an inbox. Using a question in your email subject line is an easy way to get more personal with connecting to consumers. The following are examples on how to use questions in a subject line more effectively:

  •   Struggling to find the perfect gift?
  • Did you already get the perfect gift for your spouse?

 Subject Line – Tease…What’s inside…

holiday email marketing subject lines - 4Consumers love anticipation. A holiday sale is no different, if teased correctly in an email subject line. It’s important that your audience becomes interested in your product, and that even those who are already valued clients will be grabbed and want to open your email. The following are examples of a holiday tease:

  •  Holiday Shopping can be anxiety-free at (your business).
  • Steps on how to shop under $100 for everyone this holiday season.

 Subject Line – We know you

holiday email marketing subject lines - 5Some of the most personal emails are ones that include your clients’ names in them, which literally call them out from their inboxes. Yes, it’s possible to do this. Having a database of all your subscriber and customer information will help populate the information needed to create personalized emails for everyone it’s being sent to. The biggest tip to keep in mind is that the less generic the email subject line is, the more likely your open rates will increase.

  •  Samantha, Get Free Holiday Shipping!
  • Nick, 50% off Our Entire Site Today!

Subject Line – We Got Something to Say

holiday email marketing subject lines - 6Got an announcement of some sort? It doesn’t have to get complicated. It’s important to only announce something when it’s really important. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Don’t Miss out on Our Christmas Friends and Family Event
  • We’re Open Late! Extended Store Hours for the Holidays.

 Subject Line – Lists That Might Interest You

holiday email marketing subject lines - 7Lists help people organize their thoughts and information. Consumers are usually attracted to a list that will demonstrate value or importance. These are ways to send out a list to your audience that will get their attention:

  •  5 Must Haves for The Holidays
  • 12 time-saving tips to Avoid the Crowds

 Subject Line – Words to Use

Consumers love to hear of any discount promotions, and here are key phrases and words that have a successful open rate:

  •  Free Shipping on us!
  • A Sale You Can’t Afford to Skip
  • Save On Your Holiday Favorites
  • One Day Only Sale
  • Get 20% Off Everything Now

 Time of year matters, and customers are on board during upcoming holidays. Here are key phrases and words that have a successful open rate:

  • Avoid the Crowds, Black Friday
  • Special Cyber Monday Offer to Customers Only
  • Last Minute Christmas Savings
  •  Save on your Hanukkah Gifts

Beside the examples used above, using words that make a customer feel like they are getting value from purchasing from you is imperative. These words will assist in achieving value in a holiday email subject line: Special, Get, More, New, Win, and Off.

holiday email marketing subject lines - 8It’s important to make a schedule of all your holiday marketing campaigns and track the success of all your subject lines to see what works best for your business whether it’s a teaser, question, or a command. Keep in mind that the best subject lines are descriptive, yet short. Trying to attract attention during the holidays is tricky, but being straightforward is important in order to engage your audience so that they at least open your email and see your offer.

At, we want to make sure you reach your holiday email marketing objectives without a hitch. By using our email marketing services for your business, you can achieve new levels of success!  We also provide many other marketing services, including telemarketing and direct mail lists. If you are interested in reaching your clients and prospects with email marketing, make sure to maximize your opens with a creative holiday subject line! Contact us to get started today!

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