October 25, 2012

How to Get The Most Out of Your Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing doesn't have to be a 4 letter word and shouldn't be. Telemarketing describes any sales activity that's done by phone, which is a broad swath of all business conducted in the united states and abroad. So it comes as no surprise that businesses big and small use telemarketing lists in order to boost sales, build relationships and create better brand awareness. Now, we know that all telemarketing lists are not created equal. So what do you do to get the most out of a list and maximize your ROI? Well, here are some best practices to keep in mind the next time you hunker down and make phone calls or distribute your lists to your sales team.

Get a CRM and use it.
CRM's (Customer Relationship Manager) are your best friend when it comes to telemarketing. Using them effectively can make all the difference in understanding if the leads you just purchased are solid gold or gold plated. A CRM can be as simple as writing a red line next to a dead lead or a green one next to a sale. Of course, the more detailed your CRM, the better you will be able to track the success or failures of a list. The key metrics to track are sales conversions, voice mails/disconnected phones, and call backs/appointments generated. A large part of telemarketing is creating a sales pipeline that will convert later on, so when measuring these metrics it's important to track results over a decent amount of time (4-6 weeks).

Be consistent with your sales pitch.
Of course, telemarketing is done person to person, and different people require different approaches. But keeping a degree of consistency with every lead is important for measuring the quality of a list. Limiting the amount of variables is essential for getting an accurate http://bestacnedrug.com read on the quality of a list. The sales pitch is an essential part of the process, take advantage of that and get it hammered out before picking up the phone. So, if you haven't done so already write down your pitch and rehearse it, until you can comfortably recite the selling features of your product without looking at your script. You'll sound more natural, confident and conversational, which will help you get the sale.

Leverage the leads on your list. 
It may feel tempting to call that person just one more time to see if they're really not interested. But the last thing you want to become is a pest or annoyance to potential customers. Instead, focus on creating a positive experience on every phone call. This will help increase your number of referrals. For every person who says "no" on a call, thank them for their time and ask them if they have any friends or family members who may be in need of your services. You'd be surprised at how many people will willingly give you their loved ones contact information if you've had a good conversation with them. By utilizing refferals, you're getting a great new lead that didn't cost you a thing and leveraging your telemarketing lists for all they're worth.

Telemarketing isn't the easiest profession, but by utilizing these tips, you'll be one step closer to managing your lists and getting the maximum profit from your efforts.

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