September 21, 2017


Do you feel like you’re blindfolded when it comes to targeting the right audience for your Direct Marketing campaigns? If you’re sitting there wondering “How do I even know who my ‘target audience’ is?” you may want to start figuring out who your current customers are first!

Does it seem like most of your clients are married with children? Or do they tend to fall within certain occupation/income/age ranges?  Take some time to evaluate this information because you may need to figure out the following:  first, are these the right customers for your business, and second do you need to reach out to a different, more targeted audience in order to bring in higher sales?

Some of you have a demographic formula that has proven to be tried and true. To those, we congratulate you! This is what your goal should be as a Direct Marketer! However, if you’ve started a new business, or are simply new to Direct Marketing, it can take a while to figure out what Demographics are going to bring you the success you need.

Lucky for you, the experts at List Giant have worked hard to make your Demographic pursuit a little easier. Our team of Database Experts has developed several Data Models in the List Giant System. To use them, you simply select your Industry from the ‘Data Model’ drop down menu, and voila!

Data Models are designed to help you pull lists based on the industry or industries you represent. For instance, if you are advertising Home Improvement services, you can click on the ‘Home Improvement’ Data Model option. Selecting this option will light up certain demographic settings that have proven to generate a successful response rate for that particular Industry.

At List Giant, we are happy to do whatever it takes to help make sure your campaign is successful, and using List Giant’s ‘Data Models’ will not only save you time, but are sure to help you increase your sales!

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