March 22, 2013

List Brokers Mailing Lists Should Offer More Potential for ‘Social Interaction’

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to drive traffic to your website, from transactional email campaigns that take customers and prospects directly to your site to engaging customers through contests on your Facebook and Twitter channels.

Lately, your analytics show a noticeable drop in conversion rates as shoppers seem to be leaving your Shopping Cart page, or failing to sign up for your newsletter, whitepapers and your next promotional offerings.

In short, you’ve saturated your email recipients with so many offerings that many are not even opening your emails, or they’ve chosen to relegate them to the Spam filter.

At issue is the need to drill-down on your prospect base to understand their buying habits and where they might be in their individual lifecycles (A new family? Retiring?)

Simply accumulating the bare-bones profile, ala “becoming a Facebook fan,” isn’t going to move the needle for a lot of businesses: It’s an important beginning towards engaging the customer who may, at best, consider a “Like” not an admission of “Trust,” according to a DirectMarketingNews whitepaper,“Creating a One-to-One Dialogue Through Social Interaction.”

Such preliminary data are necessary to start the conversation, and only after numerous offerings that further engage the customer will he show signs of becoming your ambassador and a repeat customer.

“Once this basic information is captured, the company should then push the data into its marketing database and use it to start a one-to-one communication stream with those customers via email.

By successfully converting anonymous, often passive fans into marketable customers in this manner, companies can now learn more about the customer’s likes and dislikes, and measure open rates, click-thru rates, conversion rates, and impact on revenues, according to Dan Smith, senior vice president of marketing at ClickSquared.”

Savvy marketers understand the importance of using the right list brokers mailing lists, and that’s why ListGIANT prides itself in offering its clients the latest and most relevant email lists.

Contact us to ask one of our team members for an assessment of your customer base; they will help you define your that all-important target market---the kind that brings you the best ROI.

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