September 22, 2012

Maximize Your HARP Loan Potential with Mortgage Sales Leads

As a mortgage loan broker, you probably know what it will take for you to maximize the potential from the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2.0), including mortgage sales leads from a proven list broker like LeadGIANT. In fact, according to a post on, 4 Steps to Maximize Harp.2.0,” there is probably no time like the present to plan your strategy; the program, along with the prevailing trend of low interest rates, could signal “what could be the last great Refinance boom for the next 5+ years.” A focused approach to cultivating this market is key; a summary of two of the tips include: “Direct marketing for volume” For starters, know “your lending capabilities” and set out to “reach an audience that has no other chance of seeing you. The best place to do this is Direct Marketing.” Apply your “filters” needed to narrow your choices: “If you set up your direct marketing programs correctly and with the right partners, they should run on autopilot, making your life of closing loans a lot of fun over the next 18 months.” Currently, the count is about 11-million Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans that are underwater nationwide. Amazingly, over “60%” are current on their mortgages---40% represent the potential to receive ‘help” “before the end of 2013.” The key here is to reach them soon and educate them on their options, which is the content objective of a well-crafted direct-marketing campaign. “Educate your circle” Contacting your clients from previous deals is the first priority on your list: prepare your marketing material “to educate” your potential customers via “...newsletters, blogging...personal letters, email...” What’s more, don’t be afraid to ask for that “R” word: referrals. A good email list from a reputable list broker can help you increase your conversion rate in this market; contact us for more information.

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