February 11, 2013

Microsoft’s Report on “Email Scammers”

There is a method to the spamming-madness that infiltrates our email boxes. Microsoft studied the condition and found that, time-and-again the successful spammer emulates a few sound advertising principles.

Call it “business smarts,” and give that questionable segment of our marketing industry ill-gotten credit for applying their craft, according to an article in Inc.com, “Secrets of the Email Scammer.”

1. Target buyers, not just people

Try wearing the hat of the spammer as he tries to target prospects who are likely to fall for his offer: You can create content that speaks to the masses, or pare it down to fit a profile you’ve painstakingly developed, that truly identifies your prospect.

Why waste your email on someone who doesn’t have the money to buy, or is in the wrong demographic group because you didn’t choose your mailing list carefully?

Anything other than a targeted email campaign means the risk of increasing costs, thus reducing that-all important ROI.

2. Pre-qualify your customers

As you develop that just-right content for your email, keep in mind that your customer is cycling among these three considerations:

* Need
* Budget
* Timeline

Get tuned-in to these key life cycle components, by making sure list brokers mailing lists are fresh with updated demographics...even the latest in information that ID’s their current life cycle.

3. Disqualify the time wasters

Get down to the price upfront, if you’re selling premium products or services. Use ‘price’ to help position your company above the maddening crowd of wanna-be marketers.

Always, you want your follow-up people to be talking to qualified buyers.

In short, tweaking that email campaign is about the process of trial-and-error.  Get your promotion off to a solid start by contacting the professional list brokers at ListGIANT.

Contact us to help you with that first campaign, or your tenth: Our proven lists will get the right customer delivered to your company with the best ROI your seeking.

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