February 9, 2015

Mommy Bloggers: The Finest Marketers in America

The face of the strong and successful American marketer is vastly changing before our very eyes. The once immaculately suited up, briefcase carrying, 9am-5pm shift working businessperson that we grew to know may no longer be the world’s leading product pushing professional. Rather, the people that are now ruling the space of direct marketing, those that have truly perfected the art of effectively reaching their target audience, couldn’t look more different than this description. That’s because she is different and she’s darn proud to be. She’s a stay at home mom, her hair isn’t perfectly blown out, she may or may not still be wearing pajamas, and she is a mommy blogger.

mommy blogger
A Mommy Blogger: a job title that was once pushed aside, wasn’t taken very seriously and was a profession that formerly held absolutely no real weight in the business world. How times have changed! Hundreds upon thousands of mommy bloggers today are not only making good money off their high traffic websites, but they are also total experts at reaching their target audience in the smoothest and most direct way. In fact, these passionate bloggers have done such an impressive job at marketing the products and services of various companies that many of them have actually achieved higher success at reaching said companies’ target audience than the company itself!

Want to see for yourself? Simply browse the major search engines using such keywords as “mommy blogger” and “mommy blogger favorite products” and you’ll be flooded with a myriad of pages that could include such appealing headlines like:

Top Costco Finds that Your Family Needs Today!

Most Kid Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles!

Simple & Fun Ways to Throw Your Child the Best Birthday Party Ever!

Say Goodbye to Your Picky Eater with These Toddler Approved Foods!

Your Must-See Guide to the Best Kid Friendly Resorts in the Country!

Tired of the Same Old Kid Shows? Read This List of Fun & Fresh New Shows Coming this Spring!

Looking for a Fresh New Wardrobe on a Budget? Read on, Fellow Mommies!

Get Your Sexy Back with these Affordable Beauty Products!

Guess what I Found at Trader Joe’s Today?

target market Mommy bloggers just get it, and they get us (their target audience, that is). They know their readers and their readers know them. They have a magical built-in bond, a bond that unites them in this crazy, overwhelming and ridiculously amazing journey of parenthood. What is so fascinating about the blogging community is how many people flock to these sites, people that fit such a similar demographic with the writer and with each other. As the blogger speaks directly to their avid, interested readers, they are conveying a message that is not only relatable but oh so crucial too. The message goes a little something like:

I get you. I know you. I AM you. We are in this together.

As a result of this camaraderie and this newfound, profound parenthood bond, the recommended products, services, brand names and company plugs by the blogger herself get a whole lot of attention from her devoted readers. And what do the readers do? They go out and they buy these products, because they admire and trust the writer that much. They want to use the same things the blogger uses and they feel inspired to try new merchandise. Clearly, companies around the world are absolutely loving the mommy blogging community because of this. After all, if you owned an eco-friendly diaper and beauty product company, wouldn’t you be eternally grateful for all of the free press and the inevitable increase in your sales volume? Of course you would. We all would!

So, here is one thing your company can take away from mommy bloggers:

You must, I mean MUST get to know your target audience on an intimate level.

new professional bloggers Educate yourself on what they love, how they think and what they like to do in their spare time. Get to know what makes your target demographic buy things, think differently and try something new. At List Giant, we cannot help but feel incredibly inspired by the blogging community, and we feel thankful to have learned from them so immensely. After years and years of fine tuning our very own marketing strategy, List Giant has found the perfect formula for targeting our audience, along with the target audience of our clients, in the most effective and efficient way. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to share this surefire formula with you. After all, we love seeing our clients, our friends and our fellow readers excel in their industry. In fact, we thrive on your success.

Therefore, if you believe that we can be an asset to your company, if you feel that we can help your business, contact us today! We would love to talk to you and discuss how you too can deliver your marketing message directly to your target audience in the most efficient and cost effective way. You can either visit us on the web at www.listgiant.com, or you can speak with us directly by dialing 800-383-1381. As the great Richard Branson once said, “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” Let’s do that! Let’s connect and let’s succeed in business together.



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A consumer email database contains lists of personal email addresses. These email addresses are sourced every month through online forms, subscriptions, purchases, sweepstakes offers, and lucky draws. The list includes the full name of the consumers, their mailing addresses, and physical mailing addresses. These lists are presented in excel files for a proper assortment of information. You can easily save and utilize them on your desktop after purchase.
Where can I find and buy consumer email addresses?
You can find different online platforms that deal with consumer email addresses. The easiest way to discover them is through targeted google searches. You will find companies such as LIST GIANT that provide list portals for online purchase at very affordable prices. For further inquiries, you can always call their contact number cited on the website.
How important are consumer email addresses for my business?
Consumer email addresses are essential in generating leads. It is very likely for someone to buy your product if they’ve bought a similar product in the recent past. You can lose great sales opportunities by not remaining in contact with a previous client. These email addresses also help to promote new products and mark your brand identity. You will also have direct access to consumer feedback and satisfaction scores.
What demographic selects are available on the U.S Consumer Email Database?
There are several parameters and segments which divide the U.S. Consumer Email Database. These segments include different demographics such as:

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