May 16, 2017

Mortgage Data Card

The Mortgage Masterfile allows you to market to refi-ready or purchase prospects by selecting from detailed search parameters including LTV, Loan Amount, Loan Type, Loan Date, Lender name, Rate Type, and more. Reach prime candidates for Rate and Term, Home Equity, and Credit Line Offers.


  • Age Range $5/M
  • Income Range $5/M
  • Net Worth $5/M
  • Dwelling Type $5/M
  • Presence of Credit Card $5/M
  • Number of Tradelines $5/M
  • Mortgage Date $5/M
  • Interest Rate $5/M
  • Loan Type $5/M
  • Loan Amount $5/M
  • Rate Type $5/M
  • Loan to Value $5/M
  • Purchase Date $5/M
  • Purchase Price $5/M
  • Home Value $5/M
  • Year Built $5/M
  • Email Address $45/M
  • Phone Number $20/M

Source: Compiled lists, Multi Sourced, Government records

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