June 5, 2017

Nutraceutical Buyers Data Card

Reach health-conscious consumers who buy natural dietary supplements and organic, functional, nutrient-rich foods to naturally fuel their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These consumers purchase nutraceutical capsules fortified foods, tablets, powders via infomercial and/or online retailers. The nutraceutical buyers database is recommended for health and wellness offers, magazine subscriptions, supplement offers, and fitness offers.


  • Age Range $5/M
  • Income Range $5/M
  • Gender/Sex $5/M
  • Product Type - Diet/Weight Loss $5/M
  • Product Type - Physical Fitness $5/M
  • Product Type - Natural Remedies $5/M
  • Product Type - Anti-Aging $5/M
  • Email Address $45/M
  • Phone Number $20/M

Source: Buyers, Internet/On-Line, Telemarketing, Direct mail sold

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