January 7, 2013

Only Outstanding Direct Mail List Brokers Can Make Your ROI Rock

Direct-mail campaigns can really pay off when attention to detail is a major focus of any planning and strategy sessions.

But in the rush to get that direct-mail piece moving through the approval hoops, don’t lose sight of a few of these pointers, posted on the BusinessMarketingSuccess.com website, “How to Use Direct Mail to Successfully Grow Your Business.”

What will you accept as a ‘minimum’ strategy?

Maybe you’ve never given it much thought, but what will you settle for in terms of these very important considerations:

Customers: Are you attempting to reel in new ones? Maybe your piece is more about building the company brand and awareness of what your company is all about.

Whatever the message, make sure it’s pinpoint clear before you go further.

* Budgets, budgets... Breakdown the campaign into an agreed upon time period, and decide how much money you have to do it right.

* Frequency”  Think about mailing to your same group of customers “at least four times in a one year time frame,” is one way to go. It’s important to decide just how many times you’ll mail to your base.

Get deep-in-the-weeds with you lists.

Forget the shot gunning approach, or scattering your direct mail to in hopes to snag a few customers. Laser your focus on regions, industry, level of income, for example.

After all, who really wants to read a direct mail piece if it doesn’t speak to a possible need for your service or product.

That’s why direct mail list brokers like ListGIANT bring relevance to your message with proven mailing lists tailored to your specific market.
We help our clients learn more about their existing customers, and how certain profile information like demographics and psychographics can make that all-important ROI ‘rock.’

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