April 17, 2017

Real Estate Investor Data Card

The Real Estate Investor database epitomizes the perfect balance for your Real Estate and High Net Worth (HNW) offers. Finding its base in the premier deed verified property databases, this file is then augmented with multiple response records and overlays. Uncover uncommon selects such as rental property owners, vacation property buyers, real estate trusts and commercial property investors.


  • Income Range $5/M
  • Presence of Children $5/M
  • Net Worth $5/M
  • Gender/Sex $5/M
  • Date of Birth $5/M
  • Age $5/M
  • Marital Status $5/M
  • Email Address $45/M
  • Phone Number $20/M

Source: Compiled Lists, Multi Sourced, Directories, Government Records, Buyers.

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