October 9, 2014

See How Easily You Can: Mess up a Marketing Campaign

Marketing your business can sometimes be tricky. On average, people see 1,000 advertisements a day. It’s a marketer’s job to make sure their brand or company stands out from the rest by creating a campaign that is educational, relatable and solves a problem.

Then there are those which may have slipped through the cracks during the approval process. Let’s take a look at some instances that have us shaking our heads….


avoid placement marketing mistakes

Ad Placement Mistakes

We are not so sure that Vicks/Nyquil is at fault here, but it does make you chuckle. We sure are glad we weren’t the ones responsible for placing these 2 pages together.





honor marketing promotions

Honor Your Promotions!

This can become an ugly way to turn clients away. Clients will come to you attempting to redeem offers and promotions that have expired – its important that you keep the customer happy and wanting to come back. Honor your promotions…especially if they are still being advertised.



grammar check

Grammar Check! :  Apostrophe, please!

Seriously, would you really want to hire a company that has serious grammatical errors on the side of their delivery van? Imagine what kind of spelling and/or grammar fail they will put on your cake? Spelling and grammar proofing is essential in all marketing campaigns. Check your work.


call to action gone wrong

Call to Action – Gone Wrong

You want to make sure to always include a call to action and encourage your audience to take the next step. A call to action or offer redemption is usually harmless, except in the case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.


sheet pool marketing fail



Wait, she does what? Where?

Sometimes marketers use content or an image that is quirky,  making you do a “double take”. This campaign really did a good job getting our attention and eventually went viral. The important thing to remember with a strategy like this is to make sure the audience is laughing with you – not at you.


As with everything in business, it’s not only important to “win”, but also to learn from the instances in which you didn’t. Figure out where you went wrong and what you need to change in your workflow or chain of command to reduce the chance of it happening again. Second, learn from the responses you received, and if they are positive, incorporate them into future campaigns.

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