January 21, 2013

Start With Consumer Email Lists For Sale From the Experts at ListGIANT

Remember that email response you received back from the company after you purchased a number of expensive items from their website?

Not much to it, right? Maybe a few paragraphs thanking your for the order, and, of course, that visit-our-website line as way of driving traffic to their site.

Such ‘transactional emails’ make up the barrage of notifications we receive regarding shipping/confirmations or thank-you and miss the chance to be something other than absolutely “boring,” according to Lauren Smith on Litmus.com.

“Transactional Emails: A frequently missed opportunity,” points out some revealing  statistics that can make any marketer give pause to the traditional, or ‘boring’ approach to follow-up emails.

Smith provides results on a study conducted  by Experian that shows transactional emails have a high revenue and ‘opens and click rates’ than those coming from the standard bulk mail averages:

“...the average revenue per transactional email is two to six times greater compared to a bulk mailing.”


You might think a simple email confirming a transaction doesn't mean much to the customer, other than their order is being processed, for example.

But, in all things related to a company’s branding, even the transactional email should ooze with the right content and positioning of the company’s standing in the marketplace.

For that reason, and by using HTML design features, the email is instantly elevated because of its visual appeal.


The 80/20 percentage is applicable: make 80% of the content about the transaction itself (confirming the order with arrival dates, for example ) and leave the rest to try and up sell your customer.

At the heart of any well-conceived and executed email campaign lies that all-important consumer email lists for sale by ListGIANT.

Our team is ready to partner with you, to make sure you’re getting the most relevant---and responsive---lists to carry out your campaign.

Proven lists like ours give customer’s more opportunities to up sell and cross-sell when it comes to that all-important transactional email.

Contact us  today.

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