May 31, 2012

Stop Screwing Up Your Direct Mail with Bad Marketing Lists!

Direct MailIf you've ever felt that direct mail marketing isn’t bringing a return worth the investment, chances are high that you are making a simple mistake. If you are not using targeted marketing lists you are screwing up your direct mail.

A targeted mailing list will ensure that your mailings only reach your market. It may help to use your own best judgment to determine which direct mail marketing lists are most appropriate for your product or service, and will generate a strong response.

Targeted Marketing Lists are a Goldmine!

A marketing list can be purchased to distribute your promotional material, but this can be costly when that mailing list just isn't interested in your material. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘junk mail’ before… and that’s exactly what your investment can become if not using a targeted list.

Consumers are getting better and better at screening out the junk mail. In order to avoid the chance of getting your direct mail piece overlooked or thrown in the trash it is crucial that your content is relevant and your mailing list is targeted.

How to Choose a Targeted Mailing List for Consumers:

It’s really quite simple to narrow down your options and choose a targeted marketing list when you evaluate the demographics of previous campaigns that have showed strong response. Sometimes you might even be surprised to find that a direct marketing campaign shows an unexpected result of who expressed more interest, but it’s a smart idea to use that information when selecting the criteria to create an effective mailing list which will reach a targeted (and thus, responsive) audience, and bypass those who have not shown any interest.

Ways to target a business direct mail marketing list:

  • Business SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification) such as Financial Services, Construction, Manufacturing, etc
  • Type of Business (Corporation, LLC, Non Profit, etc)
  • Number of Employees
  • Franchises or non-franchises
  • Headquarters, branches, or home offices
  • Public or private
  • Years in business
  • Recipient job title (CEO, CFO, Chief Technology Officer, Human Resources, Etc)

Targeting a Business Mailing List:

You might find that analyzing results from previous direct marketing campaigns to be effective in selecting the criteria to create a targeted marketing list for business recipients. However, you may want to focus more on factors like business size, nature of business, and years in business than on trivial details such as geographical location which won’t have as much of an impact with a business marketing list as it would with consumers.

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