May 28, 2012

Stop Wasting Money on Inaccurate Mailing Lists

Mailing ListsHow many times do consumers receive mail that belongs to a person who no longer lives at their address? And how quickly do you think that mail piece get crumpled up and thrown away? As you can imagine, most consumers are programmed to do so instantly. A few consumers actually go through the trouble of forwarding that mail to the correct address.

As an Advertiser, wouldn’t you prefer not to put a consumer through this annoyance?  After all, you didn’t spend all that money on printing and postage to have all of that hard work and money thrown away.

The most common mailing inaccuracies occur is because Advertisers are not using updated, accurate mailing lists.  It’s that simple. Though some businesses feel that using their old mailing lists saves them money, this is not the case. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

As the Advertiser, if you continue to use mailing lists that have been stored on your computer since 1989; or if you buy a list like that from ‘Mr. Schmo’s List Co.’ you should expect very little to zero return on investment.

It is time you stop spinning your wheels! Take control of your business and start using accurate, up-to-date mailing lists.  You will undoubtedly notice the positive impact this will have on your direct mail campaign response.

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