No matter which industry you are in or what your business is, a telemarketing list from List Giant can give you more sales and help your business grow. If you want quality leads that are easier to close, give us a try. List Giant puts a lot of work and preparation into all of our lists so that our clients can prosper from them. We provide the best marketing lists in the business at a price that can't be beaten! Sign up today and enroll in our free trial period so you can see what we are all about.

How to Use a Telemarketing List?

If you are looking for lists of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for calling or mailing, then you've come to the right place! List Giant is the industry's best provider of customizable telemarketing lists. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. Just ask any of our happy clients. List Giant offers both residential and business telemarketing lists in the United States and Canada. Our lists are composed of landline telephone numbers. Plus, our lists are regularly updated and categorized for 100% relevancy.

List Giant lists are separated by state or province, area codes, and postal codes or zip codes. This allows our clients to target specific geographical areas more readily. Our residential list provides clients with household names, street addresses, states or provinces, zip or postal codes, and telephone numbers as well. Our business list provides company names, street addresses (when applicable), cities, states or provinces, zip or postal codes, and telephone numbers.

Why Buy a Telemarketing List from List Giant?

This seems pretty standard so far, right? This sounds like a very basic telemarketing list service, surely. However, List Giant goes above and beyond the norm of our industry. Perhaps no other company goes as far as we do to ensure a quality telemarketing list for each client. List Giant painstakingly places each list into an active database that allows users to apply filters to get the exact telemarketing leads they want.

When you purchase your telemarketing lists from List Giant, you will have the ability to customize your list like no other! The category selections we offer are unbelievable! You'll be able to narrow your list down according to age, household income, industry, gender, family size, purchase history, and responsiveness to telemarketers. Each business phone number is categorized with its niche or industry so our clients can easily find the leads they're looking for. This allows you to spend your time contacting good leads and not waste it on chasing poor leads.

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Telephone numbers get disconnected when people move or switch to cell phones and when they don't pay their phone bills. Please note that our lists are not scrubbed of Do Not Call numbers. We cannot guarantee results as much depends upon the company who is calling, including what they say and how they say it when they make their calls.

However, we do guarantee the best quality telemarketing list in the world that, when used right, can help you acquire new business and generate more sales. Contact List Giant today to learn more.

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