May 25, 2012

Telemarketing Lists are Potential Income

Telemarketing ListsTelemarketing means to sell or introduce your product or service to customers over the phone.  Telemarketing has also been known to get a feel for a general population’s interest in a certain service or product as well through survey telemarketing.  In some situations, telemarketing is a company’s sole method used in selling a product or service.  Telemarketers place their calls off a telemarketing list.

A telemarketing list is a list of potential customers or leads.  The company promoting the service or product will employ individuals to make these cold calls using a predetermined sales pitch or script.  The script will explain the advantages of the product or service offered and if the lead is interested, the telemarketer will either place the order and collect payment or collect a mailing list to send out information to the lead.

To a company, a telemarketing lead is potential income so when the calls are placed it is important that the caller be well versed in the script presented.  A company can use just any call list if they opt too.  They can even use a phone book as their telemarketing list however, if a company wants a better percentage of return from the list, they are wise to get one professionally generated.  A telemarketing list can be generated off the demographics of the type of population your product or service targets saving you cost in cold calls that are dead ends wasting the telemarketer’s time and the company money.  Having a telemarketing lead that has the right characteristics of the prospects you are trying to reach ups the percentage of actual hits, which equals revenues.

Having access to a telemarketing list generator that creates a list based off location, customers buying habits, age groups, ethnicity, average income level of a location and even what is the best call time just to name a few of the possibilities turns telemarketing lists into a great selling tool and the perfect revenue builder.

The expense that has to be put into using a telemarketing list generator is minimal compared to what it cost to call off a cold list that has no real selective marketing strategy in place.  List Giant offers a simple, online system that gives you the capabilities to choose from tons of list demographics, run list counts, and downloads your desired telemarketing leads in minutes, 24 hours a day.  When you have access to a powerful system as List Giant, you can be assured to improve your direct marketing and sales.

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