October 6, 2014

Telemarketing Lists Facts That Will Make You Reconsider Your Marketing Spend

The term is ’slap-dash’ - defined as something that is done hurriedly or carelessly, slap-dash is unfortunately oftentimes a very apt description for a large number of the telemarketing lists that are assembled and sold today.

After a company has made their initial investment in a telemarketing list, the same leads tend to get called over and over as Sales Representatives plow down the pages, because business owners want to squeeze every last ounce out of their marketing dollar.

This is standard practice within the Telemarketing industry, but if you consider how much of your marketing budget you’ve allocated for this type of marketing, you might be surprised to learn that there are better, more effective ways to use your mailing lists - tactics that can make a significant difference at the end of the day.

Telemarketing Strategies

Tips to Telemarketing Success

After taking a look at what we’ve discovered about telemarketing lists, you will have the tools to best determine your strategy in using them, and make an informed decision as to whether they’re a great tool to gain more business.

  1. 'Cold calling' isn’t necessarily one of the best ways to drum-up business. At the at the end of the day, utilizing telemarketing lists is a warmed variant of cold-calling - unless you’re taking advantage of highly-specialized attribute selects to pinpoint ideal group of leads.
  2. The human element will never become obsolete as long as you’re selling your products or services to humans; spending more of your time reaching out to fewer, more concentrated prospects will frequently yield better results and deeper relationships over time.
  3. Giving potential clients an incentive to work with your business is a common tactic, but business owners need to remember that the final products and services being offered is just as important as making the choice to offer them.
  4. Ultimately, every lead must ‘close’ on an offer to be economically successful, but allowing your leads to hang up the phone without closing the sale can often be necessary in order to pique their continued interest. If they have questions, they’ll call you back, allowing your business an additional opportunity to earn the customer.
  5. Sometimes keeping the ball in the client’s proverbial court gives them the extra bit of time they need to reach a final decision - whether they’re interested or not, it’s essential to make sure that prospects know how to contact you with ease.

Make the Most of the Human Connection

Many businesses don’t keep these things in mind when strategizing their marketing efforts, and are surprised to see just how well focusing on the quality of their mailing lists works, rather than paying attention only to the sheer number of leads their sales team calls. Making the most out of the conversations you have, and personal relationships with prospects that you develop, often drive tangible business results. By demonstrating to that the prospect that they are not just another number on a list, but are instead potential clients who have needs that your business fulfills - leads turn into clients a lot faster.

Allow ListGIANT to lay the foundation for your marketing success with detailed, thorough telemarketing mailing lists and other marketing lists, and connect with people identified as the persons most likely to be interested in your offerings.

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