November 14, 2022

What Is Text Messaging Marketing Done From Telemarketing Lists

Marketing plays an essential role in the growth of your business. For example, if you have opened a new shop in a market, how will people know that you have opened a shop with certain kinds of items? The only way of letting them know is through marketing done from telemarketing lists. There are different types of marketing, like telemarketing, email marketing, social media marketing, text messaging marketing, and many more. Every type has pros and cons, and it is up to you which type you choose. 

List Giant recommends you select a type that suits your needs and criteria. If you have a company in an area where not everyone has access to the internet, then the best kind is telemarketing or text messaging marketing. But like already said about the pros and cons, you have to invest in the type that you think is the best for you. 

Benefits Of Text Messaging Marketing Done From Telemarketing Lists

Have you ever received a message about an opening of a store near you or a 15$ off coupon for signing up to receive texts from any clothing store? These are called promotional messages or text messaging marketing. In this type of marketing, the text is sent to potential and existing customers about the information about the services you offer or the information about newly launched products. If you want your business to grow with less investment in marketing, then text messaging marketing from telemarketing lists will be a good choice. It is done in the following ways:

  •     Promotional texts: These involve sending texts about upcoming sales or new products coming out soon. 
  •     Notifications: In the case of service-based businesses, you can send your customer a text message as a reminder. You can remind your customers about their upcoming appointment or let them know that they are overdue for an appointment. 
  •     Internal alerts: if you run a big business with a large number of employees, then it won't be easy to communicate with each one. You can send text messages to all of them containing the information you want to share. For example, you want to immediately tell all the employees that the office is closed for a day. Sending an email will be an option, but not everyone always opens their email. A Sim message will be the best option. 

Benefits of text messaging marketing 

Following are some of the benefits of text messaging marketing done from a telemarketing list:


Most people want to receive text messages because they are easy to access and are more likely to be opened within 5 minutes. Studies showed that 91% of customers are willing to receive promotional messages from brands, and over half are already receiving these messages. When asked why they wanted to receive these messages, they said they wanted to know what was happening around them. For this kind of marketing to work, you will need data lists of potential prospects. Contact us, and we will provide you with 100% accurate data on people who will be interested in the services you are offering.

Engagement rate 

Text messaging marketing has a higher engagement rate than any other type of marketing. It has a 98% read rate, and email marketing has only a 20% read rate because an average American checks their phone 47 times a day, and 89% of people check their phones within the first 45 minutes of waking up. The bottom line is that if you send a text to a prospect, more chances are that it will be read. Moreover, email marketing is also an efficient way to get leads for your business.

Cost Effectiveness 

In comparison to other marketing strategies, text message marketing is very affordable. You must pay for Facebook or Instagram ads in social media marketing. Even though you are spending a lot of money, most customers would not see them. In text message marketing, you can choose your audience yourself. Thus less input leads to more results. 

Final Words! 

We offer all types of authentic business lists for sale, contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you. We also provide samples in case you want to go for a trial.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most important thing in telemarketing?

The most important thing in telemarketing is the ability to communicate and convince the other person to come to the same page as you. It's all about how to make the other person understand your perspective and be able to convince them to buy your service.

What is the relevance of telemarketing in the future, and why?

Telemarketing has great scope in the future because it is cost-effective and helps companies to operate in a much more effective way. Telemarketing lists help businesses to promote their products and sell them with a higher market value. It is a great way for companies to generate leads and update their customers. You can have updates on market research as well.

What are the features of telemarketing?

The most common features of telemarketing include lead generation and segmentation of the data for proper categorization. It also helps in gathering customer feedback and customer retention, with a significant effect on market research. The best thing about telemarketing is that it is cost-effective and guaranteed success.


What is U.S Consumer Email Database?
A consumer email database contains lists of personal email addresses. These email addresses are sourced every month through online forms, subscriptions, purchases, sweepstakes offers, and lucky draws. The list includes the full name of the consumers, their mailing addresses, and physical mailing addresses. These lists are presented in excel files for a proper assortment of information. You can easily save and utilize them on your desktop after purchase.
Where can I find and buy consumer email addresses?
You can find different online platforms that deal with consumer email addresses. The easiest way to discover them is through targeted google searches. You will find companies such as LIST GIANT that provide list portals for online purchase at very affordable prices. For further inquiries, you can always call their contact number cited on the website.
How important are consumer email addresses for my business?
Consumer email addresses are essential in generating leads. It is very likely for someone to buy your product if they’ve bought a similar product in the recent past. You can lose great sales opportunities by not remaining in contact with a previous client. These email addresses also help to promote new products and mark your brand identity. You will also have direct access to consumer feedback and satisfaction scores.
What demographic selects are available on the U.S Consumer Email Database?
There are several parameters and segments which divide the U.S. Consumer Email Database. These segments include different demographics such as:

Age Range
Income Range
Marital Status
Presence of Credit Card
Pet Owner
Shopping Preferences
Phone Number

All these sectors have diverse needs and are generated each month. To receive the latest up-to-date lists, you can subscribe for a monthly service.

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