November 11, 2013

The Secrets to Getting More Sales from Opportunity Seeker Leads

Purchasing business opportunity seeker leads can be a daunting task if you have never done so in the past. When the time comes, you’ll probably be asking yourself questions like... “What company should I buy my leads from?” and “how will I know if they will work?” Not to mention, “How much should I spend on leads?”  Instead of waiting until the eleventh hour to find out all the answers to these questions, you can plan ahead by following these 3 simple steps:


TheSecretsToGettingMoreSalesfromOpportunitySeekerLeads_PictureThere is nothing more helpful than getting advice from someone who’s already been through it all.  If you are fortunate enough to know other people in your line of work, they will probably know a thing or two about how many leads you should purchase at a time and how much you should spend.  They may also tell you about certain criteria you should look out for or stay away from when it comes to opportunity seeker leads.  If you don’t know anyone that is experienced enough or is able to offer advice, then calling a reputable lead provider may be extremely helpful.  An experienced representative at the company should be able to help you determine which lead product will work best for your specific offer.

Map Out Your Territory

Do you only want to talk to prospects around your city or county? If so, you need to take this into account when ordering your leads.  Let your lead provider know this information before you buy.  If you can market your biz op program to anyone and everyone in the U.S., then it will be important to schedule your calls according to timezone. For instance, if you live on the West Coast and you start making calls to prospects at 7:00 a.m., you’ll want to call your East Coast opportunity seeker leads first (as they are three hours ahead of PST).  Thinking in these terms will help you schedule your days and get the most out of every call you make.

Plan to Build Rapport with Each Prospect

Whether face to face, on the phone, via direct mail, or email, you should aim to build rapport with each biz op prospect you come into contact with so that they will remember who you are.  If you are selling an opportunity, your prospects will probably want to hear about how the program is working for you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to build rapport! When your prospects feel like they are getting to “know” you and have a chance to experience the same level of success as you, they will probably be more likely to remember you and what you represent. Though they may not take the leap that day, they may choose to do so down the line because of the positive rapport you built with them.

Whether you need help getting your lead program off the ground or are looking for the highest quality selection of business opportunity seeker leads - ListGIANT can help you get things started today!

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